Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Kiss

It’s been an interesting Valentine’s Day since usually this day is for my wife and March 14th is the male population’s equal to Valentine’s.

GrassFed Cow

Broken Leg

 However two days ago, thanks to this crazy winter, I slipped on icy stairs and had a terrible fall fracturing my leg in two places.




With my limitations I couldn’t do what I planned, including making her my fabulous Chocolate Oblivion Torte, pictured here with a strawberry compote:

Chocolate Oblivion

So I had to resort to buying some take-out steak dinners from one of the local restaurants and enjoy it with a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

But I can say this:

Oblivion of Orchids

A day of chocolate
for my soul mate in life;
Orchids not roses
to my beautiful wife.
We enjoy good times together
with fine  food and drink for our primal palates;
Her constant support comes with ease
like a lover’s ballad.
Seeds from vanilla
so fragrant and reminiscent of sweets;
The scent engulfed around my wife
her perfume, but my treat.
Two beautiful daughters
pedals of her flower;
Fulfill the house with laughter
every day by the hour.
Blessed with this beautiful family
my love will always support this;
Our small family will bloom
into an oblivion of orchids.
Happy Valentines Day!
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