Eggs from Pastured Hens

IMG_0538When it comes to eggs, my daily staple comes from ‘Nutri-Spring Farms’, which I buy at Ambrosia Natural Foods.  These eggs are from free-range hens who forage on green grass during the summer months and dried grass and mixed grains during the winter months (remember birds have evolved to eat grains).  Their feed is drug and hormone free and 100% vegetarian:

When chickens eat grass, their eggs are very high in Omega 3, the essential fatty acid our bodies require for good health.

That’s why Morden’s features eggs from chickens who are raised right on top of living grasses, or “pastured” in low, wide, bottomless enclosures called chicken trailers.

These chicken trailers are moved to a new spot of fresh pasture at least once a day so that the birds can eat all the varied grasses, other plants and insects that they can find. In fact, chickens will eat up to 30% of their daily calorie needs in grass (and that is a LOT of grass)!

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