So what about beer?  It’s fermented so the grains are no longer a problem, right?
OK, OK, I know that’s not true but, I still enjoy an ice cold beer every now and then.  What is the alternative for one following a Paleo lifestyle?  Well there are Gluten-Free Beers on the market and I was only able to find three in Toronto.  The three gluten free beers I found were La Messagere, Nickel Brook, and New Grist.

Here are my personal results:

La Messagere
  • ingredients: Water, rice, syrup, glucose extract, rice, malt, buckwheat malt, hops.
  1. colour same as New Grist
  2. bouquet mild, barely smell the buckwheat, very neutral
  3. palate,  mild body, slight crisp finish, no lingering aftertaste
Nickel Brook
  • ingredients: Spring water, sorghum, pear juice, demerara sugar, hops.
  1. colour is the darkest of the 3
  2. bouquet floral & fruit scent
  3. slight honey at first medium body with hints of pear, finish with lingering citrus.
New Grist
  • Ingredients: Water, sorghum, rice, hops.
  1. colour same as La Messagere
  2. bouquet crisp scent of apples
  3. palate, medium body, mild finish, green apple aftertaste
How did they fare in my eyes as beers?  Here are the results in order of my preference:
  1. Nickel Brook
  2. New Grist
  3. La Messagere

Now remember I’m not saying that these are Paleo, nor do I think there is any type of health benefits.  I’m just saying these might be the better choice over conventional beers, for that day you just want a nice cold one…

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