Why you got fat and what to do about it?

This is one of my favourite articles, which is where I found the video above:

Q: Fine, but you still haven’t given me any reason to avoid grains and legumes other than their high carbohydrate content. Do you hate on grains and legumes just because they make you fat?

A: Not at all. In fact, there are plenty of other reasons to hate on grains and legumes. But at the top of my list of reasons: They have a high anti-nutrient load.

When we eat grains or legumes, we’re eating the seeds of plants. And let’s face it: these plants don’t want their seeds to be eaten.

To ensure the reproduction of their genetic material, these plants have evolved to protect their seeds by — among other things — developing compounds that:

Resist digestion by predators;

Dissolve or increase the permeability of the gut cell linings of predators; and

Deliver toxic compounds (like phytic acid and lectins) once the cell linings are breached.

(Don’t believe that these anti-nutrients can lead to a leaky gut, inflammation and a host of other health problems? Want to look over the science for yourself? Then read this. And this. And this.)

Read the whole article via FITBOMB: What Is The Paleo Diet?.


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