Pumpkin Spice Vodka

Pumpkin SpiceHappy Halloween and welcome to the time of Anti-Paleo treats (unless you look here of course).

Regardless, Leng and I needed our own treats on such a tricky night.  That’s when I came across this pumpkin flavoured vodka, which is made from sweet potatoes!  So tonight we treated ourselves to:

Pumpkin Cider Highball



  1. Fill Glass with Ice (the more ice the stronger the drink).
  2. Add Vodka.
  3. Add Cider.
  4. Splash in desired amount Mineral Water.
  5. Squeeze in wedge of lemon.
My daughters also enjoyed their night out and I wouldn’t take the experience away from them (they know it’s junk, but on special occasions like Halloween follow the 80/20 Principle).  Don’t worry, most of their candy will disappear to the land of co-workers desks throughout the week (I know it’s wrong to push it on unsuspecting adults).
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