We don’t do cupcakes

I was browsing through Paleo friendly websites, when I came across Chowstalker:

chowstalkerA community food blog, actually more of a pictorial directory of food blogs, but no cupcakes.  What you will find here are pleasing pictures of foods that nourish the body.  One simple click on any photo that catches your eye will land you on the blog of the original cook who’ll show you how to make it for yourself.  One of the biggest complaints from bloggers about some of the most well-known recipe sharing sites is how many of the photos are rejected because of lighting, composition, etc.  Chowstalker’s biggest complaint is that there are too many pictures of artificially flavoured, sugary foods without regard to nutrition. So at Chowstalker, the focus is on food instead of photography.  Not to say that a good photo isn’t important, it’s just that their composition and lighting standards are a bit lower than at those other sites.  Chowstalker is a place to find real food and connect with people who know how to cook it.  So if you follow a real food, gluten-free diet, you’ll fit right in.  And if you make that kind of food, and blog about it, they would love to see it!  If you’re curious about what kind of people would have such a loathing for cupcakes, you can read more about that here.


DessertStalker is the evil step-sister site of Chowstalker.  It’s where people following a gluten-free, real food diet come for their occasional need of a treat.  Instead of adding a dessert category, they made it a separate site, because these treats should not be on the menu on a daily basis, unlike the meals featured on Chowstalker!  But when a special occasion rolls around and you want a dessert, you have a place to come for some safer options.

Good dessert ingredients are coconut, berries and other fruits. Nuts and high quality chocolate are good too. All recipes must be grain free, except for white rice or products derived from rice. Use cinnamon, anise, vanilla, licorice with wild abandonment. Desserts made with high quality eggs gets you “paleo” brownie points.  But we’re warning you, if you submit something that resembles this… cupcakes-400x399

…you better call it a muffin. Because they still don’t do cupcakes!


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