Old Spice

Artillery Boys of My Para-Training.

I haven’t had a chance to write lately since I’ve been away doing some military training.  It was a course that started with 51 members and ended with 42 graduating.  Not a bad result due to the fact that all members on this course were physically fit.  Although all members were fit and physically active, I ended up with the nickname ‘Old Spice‘.

The reason for the name was due to two factors.  First reason being that I was the oldest on the course and second that I had a body that was dubbed like the guy in the Old Spice commercials.

Because I was on base and not in control of my food supply (Organic meats, vegetables, and fruits), I had to eat what was present.  However, during breakfast I doubled up on the available, result 4 eggs over easy bacon and sausage and some fruits for the needed carbs during my busy day.  This was pretty much my routine and it didn’t stop at lunch or dinner.  Actually during dinner, I pretty much had three portions of dinner compared to everybody else (well, at least the protein).

🙁 Yes, I did weaken a bit and had a dessert at least twice each week.  Although I don’t usually eat sweets, it’s a little hard when it’s sitting around you in the mess (dining hall), free to take and a good majority of your colleagues are eating it beside you (yes. it was a weakness, I felt like a drug addict).

The good thing was that it affected some members on my course. They approached me with basic questions of  “What was I doing to keep such a lean appearance?”.  I told them about the Paleo Lifestyle, of course only if they wanted to hear about it, since who wants to be lectured about their eating habits.  That’s the only reason I offered the information is because I was asked.

Fast forward to this week, back to my normal day-to-day military job.  I had a member approach me who had been asking me about the paleo lifestyle and I educated him with the information I had.  Today was the first time I had seen him in a little over a month.  He was a very happy man who had lost weight, felt more energetic and told me how his father who was a diabetic, had also started following the Paleo lifestyle and had major improvements. His father’s doctor had told him that what ever it was that he was doing, keep doing it!

Old Spice…

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