Happy Mother’s Day!

This Picture just makes me laugh, so I thought I’d share it… but back on point:bacon

Although we made some bell pepper crackers for my mother (our own version of TwoFaced Red-Bell Pepper), I’ll post the recipe on a later date.  I seem to be a little under the weather.  I’m not sure if it has to do with my little slide of my normal Primal lifestyle.  Friday night I was at a function where there were many anti-paleo appetizers and I seemed to of had my fill as I enjoyed copious amounts of beer.  Saturday afternoon I was at a family function for a pre-mothers day dinner and although many anti-paleo items were there, I mainly consumed vegetables and protein.  Then came today, mother’s day and one of my wife’s weaknesses is crepes, so cheat weekend here we come.  Oh but it didn’t stop there, we finished the night off with pizza.  Nothing was sitting well and now I have a high temperature, hot and cold flashes, and body aches.  My wife was not happy since it was supposed to have been her day and I’m lying around in the bed and on the couch…

Happy Mother’s Day

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