Honey, I have something for you to read…

Русский: Мёд в сотах English: Honey in honeycombs
Honey in honeycombs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unprocessed honey’s positive effects on human health have been demonstrated over and over again. These benefits have been seen with healthy individuals as well as subjects with elevated risk factors such as diabetes and obesity. Honey has the ability to increase Vitamin C concentrations, B-carotene and serum iron levels, as well as lower lactic acid dehydrogenase, creatinine kinase and triglycerides. It has also been shown to reduce fasting blood sugar levels – even in diabetics! On top of all this, honey has been shown to possess inhibitory effects against aerobic/anaerobic bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses; the ability to accelerate wound healing with minimal scar formation; treat skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema and psorisasis; and treat urinary and gastrointestinal diseases. While all this sounds pretty good, there is in fact a potential downside.

via Honey: Nature’s Perfect Sweetener? | Paleo Magazine.

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