Ontario’s Grass-Fed Beef

Inter­ested in some grass-fed beef, a side of beef or even the whole cow?… Here is a list of farm­ers who pro­duce grass-fed beef in Ontario. This list is an excel­lent source for your pur­chas­ing needs:

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In Lon­don, Ontario area, their grass­fed beeves live a full, nat­ural life. They are born on this acreage, stay with their moth­ers, and are weaned onto grass, hay and hay­lage until they are ready for har­vest. The ani­mals are fed exclu­sively grasses and legumes, which they for­age for them­selves in the sum­mer, and are sup­ple­mented with Kelp Meal, nat­ural trace min­eral salt and cer­ti­fied organic minerals.

They fol­low organic prac­tices care­fully, but are not ‘Cer­ti­fied Organic.’ To their knowl­edge, this land has never had chem­i­cals applied. They came here in 1989, and removed most of the hawthorn trees in order to bet­ter grow grass. Their rota­tional graz­ing sys­tem min­i­mizes the use of energy burn­ing machin­ery, mak­ing this one of the ‘green­est’ ways to pro­duce high pro­tein, healthy grass-fed beef.

Their beef is avail­able by the side, (approx­i­mately 300 pounds) at warm dressed weight (before pro­cess­ing) OR pur­chase a rep­re­sen­ta­tive sam­ple, i.e. some of each: roasts, steaks, ground beef, soup bones, stew­ing beef, sausage:

Cut­ting Style
Roasts: Coun­try Style:
Weight of Roasts: 3–5 pounds Thick­ness of steaks: 1″+
Plas­tic Wrap: No Paper Wrap:
Pick-up Date: to be arranged

Baer’s Nat­ural Beef, David and Mar­jorie Baer

4494 Scotch­mere Drive, R 2, Glen­coe, ONNOL 1M0

(519) 287‑2488

Pric­ing — Con­tact Farmer

As of 12 Jan 2015 — ‘We now have about 20 ani­mals ready within the next 6 months. We are now har­vest­ing the first of our Belted Gal­loway cross calves, a smaller breed, (They will dress under 500 lbs) which fin­ish bet­ter on grass. Our cus­tomers rave about the qual­ity!

A fam­ily run oper­a­tion since 1849. They are ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing cus­tomers with high qual­ity Grass Fed Beef. Their cat­tle are exclu­sively pas­ture fed and in the win­ter eat hay and hay­lage. Their ani­mals receive no antibi­otics, growth hor­mones or GMO’s. Their pas­tures receive no pes­ti­cides or chem­i­cal fertilizers.

The ani­mals are processed locally at a provin­cially inspected abat­toir and are dry aged for 21 days for supe­rior flavour and ten­der­ness. We sell meat in quar­ters, halves, whole and smaller fam­ily packs.

We are located 30 min­utes north of Toronto and would wel­come your visit, but please call ahead.

Beaver Vale Farms, Craig and Wenda Lea Wilcox, 4736 8th Line RR#1, Bee­ton Ontario L0G 1A0. (905) 775‑7639.

Con­tact Farmer

High-Quality 100% Grass-Fed Beef
Our pur­pose is to pro­duce con­sis­tent high-quality 100% grass-fed beef raised in an envi­ron­men­tally sus­tain­able and friendly man­ner.  In con­junc­tion with MIDA Short­horns, Ban­bury Grass­lands offers beef that is healthy, tasty, and natural.

Sus­tain­able Agri­cul­ture
We want you to know how your beef is raised and to make choices that will bet­ter your family’s health.  The health of the ani­mals, the land, and you are our pri­mary concerns.

Great Tast­ing Beef with­out Antibi­otics, Hor­mones, or Other Drugs
Our grass-fed beef is con­ceived, born, and raised on our fam­ily farms.  The Ban­bury fam­ily has farmed for the last six gen­er­a­tions in Ontario.  Our pri­mary farm, MIDA Short­horns, is located in Brighton while the expan­sion, Ban­bury Grass­lands, is located just out­side Kitchener-Waterloo.  We look for­ward to get­ting to know you and hav­ing you learn about our prac­tices of rais­ing great-tasting beef with no antibi­otics, hor­mones, or other drugs.

Ban­bury Grass­lands, 2325 Notre Dame Dr., St Agatha Ontario N0B 2L0. (519) 513‑3962.

Con­tact Farmer

is a fam­ily run farm busi­ness com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing cer­ti­fied organic and nat­u­rally raised meats to peo­ple who are con­cerned not only about what they eat but also about the health and well being of the earth.

This farm uses no chem­i­cals, genet­i­cally mod­i­fied organ­isms, or arti­fi­cial fer­til­iz­ers in their crop­ping. Their ani­mals are free from antibi­otics, growth pro­mot­ers, they are never used in the rais­ing of their livestock.

They are proud to offer a unique prod­uct of “Grass Only Beef,” the beef are raised entirely on grass. The cat­tle grown for the “Grass Only Beef” have the dis­tinc­tion of never hav­ing eaten any­thing other than for­ages (pas­ture grasses and hay). This excep­tional prod­uct comes from cat­tle raised their whole lives on grass and hay, never hav­ing even tasted grain.

Beretta offers retail and whole­sale deliv­ery in the province of Ontario. Our web­site offers our clients an easy way to find infor­ma­tion on our farm and prod­ucts. Clients can also order online for their weekly deliveries.

Beretta Organic Farms Inc., Cyn­thia Beretta, 4400 15th Sd Road, King City, Ontario L7B 1K4. (416) 674‑5609.

Con­tact Farmer

A 167-acre eco­log­i­cal farm located in Cais­tor Cen­tre, Ontario.

Their phi­los­o­phy is to emu­late nature itself. From the moment their calves are born, they are able to freely roam the pas­tures with the herd on stress-free fields of grass, which they will spend the rest of their lives on. these cat­tle are never vac­ci­nated, and never treated with growth hor­mones or antibi­otics, no grain or corn supplements—just a lot of ten­der care. They deliver their own cat­tle to the abat­toir in their live­stock trailer. From start to fin­ish they look after their cattle.

Have you ever ques­tioned where your beef comes from? When you pur­chase beef prod­ucts from CW Acres, you are sup­port­ing nature’s way of beef pro­duc­tion. It’s the health­i­est, lean­est and most nutri­tious choice for beef.

Web­site: E-mail:

CW Acres, Cathy and Willy Hoe­sen, 9045 Sil­ver Street, RR#2, Cais­tor Cen­tre, Ontario L0R 1E0. (905) 957‑4566.

Con­tact Farmer

A fam­ily farm since 1837, five gen­er­a­tions tak­ing a diver­si­fied approach to farm­ing. Inspired by a book called “Grass­land” by Richard Man­ning, they believe that the bison and elk can pro­vide an abun­dance of food nat­u­rally raised for taste and tenderness.

A holis­tic approach to farm­ing allows us to uti­lize the grass­land to its high­est poten­tial and bring forth a har­vest of qual­ity meat prod­ucts that every­one can enjoy. Not only do the bison pro­duce fine food, but leather prod­ucts as well such as gloves and moccasins.

Tours of the farm are avail­able from May 24th until Octo­ber 31st. Enjoy a trip through the herds as calves frolic and play. Bring buf­falo back home to your table tonight. Encour­age the rebuild­ing of the orig­i­nal cat­tle by enjoy­ing them.

Cen­tury Game Park, Rod Pot­ter, RR 1, Wark­worth Ontario K0K 3K0. (705) 924‑3019.

Con­tact Farmer

Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef ~ Free-Range Pork & Poul­try (Chicken, Duck, Goose & Turkey) ~ Game Birds ~ are raised using organic, eco­log­i­cal and sus­tain­able farm­ing prin­ci­pals. Their Sea­son begins in June, and con­tin­ues until December.

At Drag­on­fly Gar­den Farm their ani­mals live out­side on pas­ture, eat­ing var­i­ous native grasses and plants. Proac­tive ani­mal man­age­ment prac­tices, fresh air, green grass, and reg­u­lar house-keeping, allows us to raise a nice vari­ety of ani­mals on a small scale.

All their ani­mals are given free choice to decide when they go out­side, eat, drink or sleep. They pro­vide clean and com­fort­able hous­ing and ensure the farm prac­tices are respect­ful of each ani­mal, the land they farm and the environment.

They offer two kinds of CSA (Com­mu­nity Sup­ported Agri­cul­ture). The Fall Fam­ily CSA is a 200-pound meat sam­pler which feeds a fam­ily of four for 100 meals. The Farm Share CSA is a meat sam­pler deliv­ered monthly from June to Decem­ber. They also offer many sizes of Beef & Pork Sam­plers, cus­tom pro­cess­ing, and Local Meat Sam­plers which con­tain a small sam­ple of beef, pork and chicken for first time grass-fed meat eaters.

Farm Tours are always welcome.

Drag­on­fly Farm Store, Cindy & Mike Wil­helm, 216303 Con­ces­sion 4, RR#2, Chatsworth, Ontario N0H 1G0. (519) 794‑0471.

Con­tact Farmer

Pro­duces healthy, tasty, 100% grass fed beef.

This beef is raised on the rich grasses grown on 1st class farm­land. They are han­dled in a low stress man­ner, and only har­vest in the Fall when the meat is at its prime. These 3 fac­tors ensure that their meat is ten­der, tasty, as well as healthy.

They take cus­tom freezer orders for quar­ters, halves, wholes, or smaller box orders of 10–30 lbs. Farm tours are avail­able by appointment.

Please visit their web­site for more infor­ma­tion on their philoso­phies, farm­ing prac­tices, and products.

Echo Val­ley Ranch, Brad and Donna Mar­tin, 7074 Side Road 15, RR#2 Moore­field, Ontario N0G 2K0. (519) 638‑5951.

Con­tact Farmer

Started out rais­ing a few ani­mals for their own con­sump­tion, “so we knew what we were eat­ing.” We have now grown a bit, but you have to order early. Their High­land beef is low in cho­les­terol and very ten­der, and it has no hor­mones, antibi­otics, or additives.

The beef is avail­able in the fall, and occa­sion­ally in the sum­mer. Lamb is avail­able in the fall.

All the meat can be picked up at the farm.

Elm Tree Farm, Andreas Haelssig, Burn­stown Ontario K0J 1G0. (613) 432‑5893.

Con­tact Farmer

Raises grass­fed beef in a nat­ural envi­ron­ment. Their cat­tle are on pas­ture all sum­mer and feed on hay all winter—no grains or corn. They are not cer­ti­fied organic but use no hor­mones or other chem­i­cals. They believe in giv­ing the ani­mals a stress free and com­fort­able life and in return they con­vert grass and other plants into food for us all its a per­fect system.

Fairchild Farm, Richard and Fiona Porter, 2091 Con­ces­sion #8 West, RR#1, Cam­bridge ON N1R 552.

Visit their web­site for order­ing infor­ma­tion and pic­tures. They sell all year, but more through the win­ter. They also sell halves and quar­ters and spe­cial orders.

They pro­duce, grow and sell grass fed beef and pas­ture pork in Durham, Ontario to help peo­ple eat healthy food.

Farmer Jim’s Grass Fed Beef, Durham, ON. (519) 369‑5400 or toll-free 1(877) 456‑9341

Visit their web­site for order­ing infor­ma­tion and pictures.

Is where the Probst Fam­ily main­tains a pure­bred herd of Scot­tish High­land cat­tle. They are grass-fed and nat­u­rally raised with­out hor­mones, antibi­otics or pes­ti­cides. This breed is very well adapted and has been kept true to form since recorded his­tory, never loos­ing their abil­ity to thrive on grass alone. Fur­ther­more, stud­ies show that High­land beef is lower in fat and cho­les­terol and higher in pro­tein and iron than other beef. The result is richly flavoured and well-marbled beef.

Their beef is dry aged for 21 days and is cut and wrapped to your spec­i­fi­ca­tions by the half, and is picked up locally in the Cam­bridge area. Their ani­mals are gen­er­ally 18 months old or younger and the sides weigh from 175 to 275 lbs.

The ani­mals are avail­able in the fall after the pas­ture sea­son. They take orders all year long due to a lim­ited sup­ply. Some­times they have a half avail­able from freezer as well as ham­burger by the pound all year long. Occa­sion­ally they have whole frozen Mus­covy ducks, raised free range where they get a sig­nif­i­cant part of their diet from insects and grass.

4Ponds Farm, Fred and Anne Probst, RR#1, Drumbo Ontario N0J 1G0. (519) 463‑5335.

Con­tact Farmer

Grass Fin­ished Gal­loway Beef, humanely pro­duced with­out antibi­otics, hor­mones, pes­ti­cides and GMOs. At Hav A Heart Beef they are com­mit­ted to pro­duc­ing beef that is con­sis­tently ten­der, flavour­ful and, most impor­tantly, healthy.

They started with the old­est beef breed known, Gal­loway. Gal­loways are nat­u­rally hardy with an innate abil­ity to fin­ish on grass as opposed to grain. Grass Fin­ished Gal­loway Beef is inher­ently ten­der and juicy, with the beef car­ry­ing an extremely low fat con­tent of 3% and a healthy Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 3:1. Grass Fin­ished Gal­loway beef is higher in can­cer fight­ing Con­ju­gated Linoleic Acid (CLA); up to 11% higher in Pro­tein, higher in Vit­a­min A, Vit­a­min C, Vit­a­min E and Beta-Carotene; has half the Sat­u­rated Fat; is lower in Cho­les­terol and has up to 55.8% less Calo­ries than grain fed beef.We fol­low organic prac­tices, how­ever are not certified.

Their cat­tle are drug, hor­mone and pes­ti­cide free and are trace­able from con­cep­tion through to our end buy­ers. The feed is GMO– and pesticide-free.

Hav A Heart Beef, Grass Fin­ished Gal­loway Beef, is avail­able in halves, mixed quar­ters, 40 lb. and 20 lb. mixed beef boxes year round. We also carry a line of gourmet all beef sum­mer sausage and gourmet all beef pepperettes.

On farm pick-ups are wel­come, but deliv­ery is also available.

Web­site: (com­ing soon) E-mail:

Hav a Heart Beef, Karen Bertin or Rob Unsworth, RR #2, Har­ris­ton ON N0G1Z0. (519) 338‑3333.

Con­tact Farmer

Has deep roots here in Baden. Six gen­er­a­tions to be exact.

As you drive in the lane, it’s not uncom­mon to see the cows, pigs, chick­ens, ducks, and sheep roam­ing the fields, at any time of year. This is per­haps the type of farm your Great Grand­fa­ther had, diverse in nature, like Nature itself. Using Nature as a model, along with a rich her­itage of “liv­ing on the land” knowl­edge, they are pleased to offer the very best to you.

HERITAGE BREED PASTURED PORK is a real treat. Tam­worths and Berk­shires are both raised out­doors on pas­ture and fal­low year round. From birth to mar­ket, they are allowed to express their true pig­gish nature, root­ing, dig­ging, graz­ing on grass and weeds, play­ing or bask­ing under the sun in a low stress envi­ron­ment. Their diet includes roots, grass (hay in the win­ter), legumes, and a mixed grain feed made of oats, peas, bar­ley, spelt and buckwheat—all of which is grown right on the farm, organ­i­cally! CORN and SOY FREE and absolutely no need for any drugs or hor­mones. Order by the whole, half, 20lb box, or see what we have for indi­vid­ual cuts.

Also avail­able is Grass Fed Beef (no grain or silage), grass fin­ished lamb, pas­tured chicken and mus­covy duck, and free rangeeggs. Poul­try is also corn and soy free.

The fer­tile land here at Her­itage Lane Farm, has been farmed organ­i­cally for over three decades, but no longer cer­ti­fied. All prod­ucts are avail­able fresh for pick-up from the local butcher, or frozen at the farm. Please call or email for appointment.

Meats are also avail­able through a local CSA—Transpire Organic—accepting new mem­bers. Check out


Her­itage Lane Farm, Dwayne Wagler, 1138 Sny­ders Road West, Baden ON N3A 3K8. (226) 444‑6455.

Con­tact Farmer

We raise our ani­mals the old fash­ioned way — free range, and free of antibi­otics and growth hor­mones. We can trace every ani­mal on our farm from start to fin­ish to ensure healthy, fresh, safe, nat­ural beef. This is a lit­tle more work for us, but the taste and ten­der­ness are worth it, and you have the assur­ance of a safe product.

Her­itage Cat­tle Co., Aaron Mac­Don­ald, 1472 Her­itage Line, Keene ON K0L 5G0. (705) 768‑4825.

Con­tact Farmer

Grass Roots Beef is raised on the 100 rolling acres of the family-owned Hillview Farm in south­west­ern Ontario. Den­nis Starkey, owner and oper­a­tor, is a new­bie to the ranch­ing busi­ness, hav­ing pur­chased the farm in 1996 after a career in edu­ca­tion. Stock­man Grass­farmer pub­lisher and “grass guru” Allan Nation claims that the unfair advan­tage of such new­bies is that they don’t have to unlearn all the com­monly held wis­dom of the last sev­eral gen­er­a­tions of live­stock farmers.

The pure­bred, reg­is­tered Cana­dian Grass Roots Gal­loway cat­tle are fed only grass and then the beef is dry-aged for 21 days to max­i­mize the nutri­tional, flavour, and ten­der­ness ben­e­fits. No grain, corn, antibi­otics or ani­mal by-products are fed; no hor­mones are used. Farm-grown hay is fed at the new open-sided barn dur­ing the win­ter. Local life­long farm­ers have com­mented about Hillview Farm, “You must be doing some­thing right, it’s green like a farm again.”

Noth­ing other than low stress man­age­ment of cat­tle. These cat­tle come run­ning when called, hop­ing for new grass and a scratch. They drink water from the same well that we do, which is pumped out to each of the paddocks.

They pro­duced their first beef in the fall of 2002 and it was gone in 2 weeks. They will take orders year round, but we only have beef avail­able cut, wrapped and frozen in quar­ters in the fall. Cus­tomers will be invited to pick up their order at the annual Har­vest Cel­e­bra­tions at the farm.

Hillview Farm, Den­nis Starkey, 263836 South­gate Road 26, RR 4, Durham Ontario N0G 1R0. (519) 369‑6966. Fax: (519) 369‑5700.

Con­tact Farmer

Offers both free-range chick­ens and organic beef. “Our cus­tomers find our prod­ucts ten­der and tasty, as well as hav­ing the nutri­tional ben­e­fits of graz­ing ani­mals.” The farm is organ­i­cally certified.

The beef comes in 20 and 40# vari­ety packs or by the quar­ter or half. The chick­ens are pack­aged whole. The beef is avail­able year round and the chicken while quan­ti­ties last. The beef is avail­able at the farm or in the town of Lon­don at Bellemere’s Farm Mar­ket, Chris’s Coun­try Cuts (located in the Covenant Gar­den Mar­ket) or Sullivan’s Meat Mar­ket. The chicken is avail­able on the farm, only.

They deliver when pos­si­ble or ship through refrig­er­ated truck­ing. Cus­tomers are wel­come to come and see the farm and pick up orders.

Hun­gry Hol­low Organ­ics, RR 2, Parkhill, Ontario N0M 2K0. (519) 232‑9458.

Con­tact Farmer

They raise our their calves from a small herd of Saler Her­ford and Angus cross cows.

Their cat­tle spend the sum­mer and fall on our pas­tures where they move them daily so that they graze in a man­ner sim­i­lar to a herd of Buf­falo. They graze an area intensely fer­til­iz­ing it with their dung and then mov­ing on to a fresh piece and com­ing back after the plants have had a chance to fully recover from the first graz­ing. They have access to fresh water, salt, min­eral and kelp while on pas­ture. The farm­ers have also been exper­i­ment­ing with “mob graz­ing” to achieve more “herd effect” on their pas­tures and increase the recov­ery time for the plants. This means giv­ing the cat­tle a very small area for a few hours before mov­ing them into the next piece.

Any steers that they over­win­ter are fed baled dry hay that the farm­ers har­vest from our fields and store in their barn for the win­ter. Steers kept through the win­ter become the spring beef avail­able for the sum­mer Bar-B-Q sea­son. They also offer Lean Ground Beef either as 1 lb pack­ages in 10 lb lots or as ¼ lb ham­burger pat­ties in 12 lb boxes.

Meet­ing Place Organic Farm, Fran & Tony McQuail, 86016 Creek Line, RR#1, Luc­know, Ontario N0G 2H0. (519) 528‑2493.

Our meat is priced on a car­cass weight basis– what the meat weighs before it is cut up– $5.80/lb. Actual weight received depends some on how you want it cut up ( eg how many bones are removed and trim etc.) A half weighs around 250 lbs car­cass weight. Actual weight of meat received is approx 75% car­cass weight. The price includes cus­tom cut­ting ( ie how much ham­burger, how much stew,et); wrap­ping and freez­ing. Our next slaugh­ter date is mid Sep­tem­ber, one after that is end of Novem­ber. Feel free to ask more questions.

Located in the heart of the Nia­gara Region, within the wine and fruit belt. They raise a herd of pure­bred Irish KerryBeef Cat­tle and half-breeds well adapted to flour­ish on a nat­ural pas­ture of var­i­ous grasses and legumes.

These ani­mals do not receive hor­mones or sub-therapeutic antibi­otics. They are free from stress such as over­crowd­ing, per­ma­nent indoor hous­ing, or long ship­ping dis­tances which decrease health, and in turn the qual­ity of their meat. They are allowed free range of var­i­ous pas­tures, hay, and shel­ter. Even in win­ter months, their ani­mals have free choice to roam inside or out­side the barns.

Come October/November after the pas­tures are fin­ished, their beef ani­mals are gen­er­ally 15 — 21 months old. Hang­ing sides weigh-in at approx­i­mately 225lbs. Sides or quar­ters are frozen and can be picked up at a local butcher shop. Deliv­er­ies can be arranged. A lim­ited num­ber of ani­mals are processed each sea­son. Please con­tact them for more infor­ma­tion or to be put on their wait­ing list.

Rosedene Acres, 1929 Rosedene Road, St. Anns, Ontario L0R 1Y0. (905) 957‑4924.

Con­tact Farmer

John first started rais­ing grass fed cat­tle on his Guelph Ontario farm in 1968. “I started with 6; it was just for me and my fam­ily, nobody else.” Since those early days, Rowe’s num­bers have steadily increased as he is now pro­duc­ing 30 to 33 cows a sea­son and main­tain­ing a herd of 100. The secret is get­ting out, “the ben­e­fits to the envi­ron­ment, the ani­mal and the con­sumer have made grass fed beef the fastest grow­ing seg­ment of our busi­ness” says Jamie Cooney, CEO Rowe Farms.

Rowe Farms, 105 Ron­ces­valles Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6R 2K9. (416) 532‑3738.

Con­tact Farmer

The ani­mals are raised on a nat­ural diet of grasses and legumes which are never sprayed with her­bi­cides or pes­ti­cides. They are rotated through a series of pas­tures every 2 to 4 days, giv­ing them con­stant access to a fresh “salad bar.” Their pas­ture is only sup­ple­mented with sea kelp, trace min­eral salt mined from an ancient sea bed, and food-grade min­er­als; they receive no growth pro­motants, hor­mones, or antibiotics.

they strive to main­tain a stress-free envi­ron­ment for cat­tle and han­dlers, which helps to ensure meat ten­der­ness. Their aim is to pro­duce, in an envi­ron­men­tally and eco­log­i­cally sound man­ner, a tasty and ten­der beef which will actu­ally enhance the health of humans and our planet.

Cer­ti­fied Organic* Grass-fed Beef – Our Dex­ter cat­tle are a smaller breed known for their abil­ity to con­vert pas­ture into healthy meat. Because they are smaller framed, they yield smaller cuts more appro­pri­ate for today’s palates. Beef is avail­able as sides, split sides, “$100″ boxes,” and indi­vid­ual cuts. Because sides are most eco­nom­i­cal to pre­pare and han­dle, order­ing a side saves you the most money. Sides are cut accord­ing to your spec­i­fi­ca­tions. All meat is cut, wrapped, and fast-frozen in a provin­cially inspected facil­ity. Sides range from 150 to 250 lbs. A split side is half the amount of a side, com­bin­ing cuts from front and back.”$100 boxes” con­tain a com­bi­na­tion of 2 or 3 roasts, 2 or 3 pack­ages of steak, and ground beef. The actual price of each box will vary, depend­ing on its spe­cific con­tents. Buy­ing a box gives you a dis­count of 10% off the price of indi­vid­ual cuts.

Cer­ti­fied Organic (by Pro-Cert) Poul­try – These chick­ens and turkeys are raised out­doors on green grass and organic grain mix. They receive no growth pro­motants, hor­mones, or antibi­otics. They are only avail­able for sale at the farm. Send them an email to receive a flyer for price infor­ma­tion, or give Chris Lit­ster a call.

Still Hope Farm, Chris Lit­ster, 1271 Rum­ney Road, Mid­land, ON L4R 4K3. (705) 534‑7626.

Con­tact Farmer

Certi­fied organic pro­ducer of organic meats, grains and veg­eta­bles in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. They offer pasture-raised beef, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, wild turkey, guinea hen (pin­tade), chicken eggs andduck eggs.

They are home to the only herd of Ancient White Park cat­tle in Canada. This glob­ally endan­gered breed traces its his­tory to pre-Roman times in the British Isles. It pro­duces an excel­lent car­cass on pas­ture with its fine tex­tured meat. Their pri­mary focus is increas­ing the num­bers of this breed but they have beef avail­able spo­rad­i­cally depend­ing on the num­ber of male calves born each year.

All of their meat is processed in a gov­ern­ment inspected facil­ity and our beef is dry-aged for a min­i­mum of 21 days to ensure opti­mum tenderness.

Their pas­tures and pro­duc­tion meth­ods are cer­ti­fied organic by Organic Crop Pro­duc­ers and Proces­sors (OCPP) mean­ing that they do not use any syn­thetic pes­ti­cides or fer­til­iz­ers on our pas­tures and our ani­mals receive no antibi­otics, hor­mones or pesticides.

The Stod­dart Fam­ily Farm, Harry Stod­dart, 1315 Zion Road, RR No. 2, Lit­tle Britain ON. K0M 2C0. (705) 786‑7705.

Visit them at the Wych­wood Barns or Brick­works farm­ers’ mar­kets in Toronto on Sat­ur­days or inquire about their prod­uct through their website.

All live­stock, hay, grains and veg­eta­bles grown at Twin Creeks are pri­mar­ily her­itage breeds and vari­eties with absolutely NO pes­ti­cides, chem­i­cal fer­til­iz­ers, hor­mones, or GMO tech­nol­ogy. They offer grass fed beef (no grain), grass fed lamb (no grain), grass-fed pork (sup­ple­mented with our nat­u­rally grown grain and milk from our grass fed cows), eggs from our grass-fed chick­ens, and grass-fed chicken and turkey (sup­ple­mented with our nat­u­rally grown grain).

Their beef, lamb, and pork are avail­able by the cut, pri­mar­ily vac­uum packed, and in small quan­ti­ties. Their grass-fed chicken, turkey and eggs are cur­rently avail­able in lim­ited quan­ti­ties directly from the farm only, due to provin­cial mar­ket­ing board regulations.

This farm of Ger­ald and Shari-Lynn te Velde and boys, Ian, Joshua, Lukas, Aaron, and Seth. They use organic and sus­tain­able grow­ing meth­ods and their farm and pro­duce is “Cer­ti­fied Nat­u­rally Grown” (

Twin Creeks Farm and Gar­den, Ger­ald and Shari-Lynn te Velde, 205045 High­way #26, RR 8, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5W4. (519) 538‑4704.

All pro­duce are avail­able at the farm from Monday–Saturday.

Please call for the avail­abil­ity of all prod­ucts and to make sure they are avail­able. they also sell pro­duce at 3 farmer’s mar­kets:Meaford, Colling­wood, and Trin­ity Bell­woods (Toronto). Visit their web­site for more information.

They have a goal of pro­duc­ing the high­est qual­ity food for our cus­tomers with­out chem­i­cals, hor­mones, med­ica­tions, or genetic engi­neer­ing. These prod­ucts include salad bar (pasture-finished) beef, grass­fed lamb, pas­tured pork, eggs from free rang­ing hens, and pas­tured chick­ens.

They strive to be good stew­ards of the land and encour­age biodiversity.


Webers’ Pas­ture Farm, Mar­vin and Amanda Weber, RR #2, Dob­bin­ton Ontario N0H 1L0. (519) 934‑9906

Con­tact Farmer

Owned and oper­ated by Mar­tin and Johanna Driesse. Their organic farm is home to Gal­loway cat­tle which are on pas­ture dur­ing graz­ing sea­son, and baled hay when not able to graze in winter.

Gal­loway beef is noted for it’s good flavour through­out. The Gal­loway breed has never been used in the indus­trial feed­lot sys­tem, so the genet­ics are still the way they were cre­ated, to fin­ish on pasture.

Cur­rently the meat is sold by mixed 1/4, half or whole ani­mal. Ground beef is avail­able per pound year around as sup­ply lasts.

West Court Farm, Mar­tin and Johanna Driesse, 325569 Nor­wich Road, Nor­wich ON. N0J 1P0. (519) 863‑5050.

Con­tact Farmer

A family-based entity where rais­ing and pro­duc­ing healthy, nutri­tious, and sus­tain­able, Black Angus grass-fed beef is at the heart and soul of what they do. They believe that rais­ing cat­tle on grass and keep­ing them on a grass-based diet all there lives is much more healthy for the ani­mal and then in turn more healthy for the consumer.

The beef is raised on top qual­ity grass, han­dled with low stress prac­tices, and we har­vest in the late summer/fall to ensure a top qual­ity prod­uct of beef that will melt in your mouth.

They take orders for wholes, halves, quar­ters, 30-pound and 10-pound boxes. An order for a quar­ter or larger you are able to spec­ify your own cut­ting instruc­tions. They also have all beef sum­mer sausage, and sum­mer siz­zling burgers.

Visit their web­site and learn more about them, their busi­ness, philoso­phies, prac­tices, and how they do things at Wilder­ness Ranch.

Wilder­ness Ranch, Mark and Rachel Erb, 6515 Road 154, Monk­ton ON N0K 1P0. (519) 595‑7373.

Con­tact Farmer

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