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I’ve been following Mark Sisson‘s blog since I first became interested in the Paleo world and he is one of my go-to guys when it comes to finding out quickly if a particular food falls in the Paleo/Primal world. [pullquote]Ive been following Mark Sisson’s blog since I first became interested in the Paleo world[/pullquote] Of course I like to do my homework and you should too.  But sometimes you’re in need of a quick answer and Mark makes sure to point you in the right direction.  Mark has these great post segments that he calls “Is it Primal?”, however the problem I found with his blog ‘Mark’s Daily Apple‘ is these list of foods he reviews aren’t compiled into one master list.  So I thought I’d compile his list here, enjoy:

(Last updated on 13 Feb 2013 – list not complete.)



Last Update

Side Note

5-Hour Energy Drinks Not Primal 22/Jan/13 Not exactly primal, but neither is falling asleep at the wheel. And the nutrients within are pretty solid.
Agave Nectar Not Primal 22/May/12  
Aged Cheese Primal 2/Jan/13 Gouda and Pecorino Romano
Almond Milk Primal 9/May/12
Animal Skin Primal 22/May/12 Highly Primal.
Apricot Kernals Not Primal 15/Jan/13 Avoid poisonous things.
Balsamic Vinegar Primal 15/Jan/13 So long as you don’t eat it with bread!
Banana Flour Primal 3/May/12 But likely easy to abuse.
Black Rice Not Primal 4/Sep/12 But if you’re willing to soak and ferment it, it can be potentially a healthy way to get some glucose and polyphenols in your body.
Bone Broth Primal 2/Jan/13
Bone Marrow Primal 2/Jan/13
Brazil Nuts Primal 2/Jan/13
Brine Primal 22/Jan/13
Cashews Primal 9/May/12
Chai Primal 27/Nov/12 but you might try asking them to go easy on the sugar (or just make it yourself and control what goes into it directly).
Chestnuts Primal 15/Jan/13
Chia Seeds Primal 4/Sep/12 Be wary of any superfood claims (unless they’re talking about liver and pastured egg yolks), closely monitor your fiber tolerance, and don’t rely on them for your omega-3s.
Chitosan Primal 15/Jan/13
Chocolate Milk Not Primal 3/May/12  
Choffy Primal 27/Nov/12 After all, you should eat and drink high-cacao chocolate.
Cocoa Butter Primal 3/May/12
Cocoa Mass Primal 3/May/12
Coconut Aminos Primal 22/May/12
Coconut Water Primal 3/May/12 But kinda sugary, so go easy on it unless you’re in Thailand sipping on fresh young coconuts (because there’s nothing quite like cold coconut water straight from the coconut), nursing a hangover, or training hard and need the hydration.
Corn Tortillas Not Primal 13/Feb/13
Desiccated Liver Tabs Primal 24/Jul/12
Egg Yolks Primal 2/Jan/13
Fermented Foods Primal 2/Jan/13
Fermented Soy Not Primal 9/May/12 But pretty good (and far better than unfermented soy).
Glycomaize Not Primal 3/May/12  
Goat Whey Protein Primal 3/May/12
Green Coffee Bean Extracts Primal 9/May/12 But not nearly as delicious as real coffee.
Hominy Not Primal 3/May/12 But “less bad” than some other grains.
Huitlacoche Maybe 24/Jul/12 Not exactly Primal, but interesting and seemingly nutritious enough that I wouldn’t sweat it too much.
Humus Not Primal 9/May/12 But not all humus is created equal.
Korean Nori Primal 15/Jan/13
Korean Sweet Potato Vermicelli Not Primal 4/Sep/12 Not so Primal
Kremelta Maybe 22/Jan/13 On the fence, but leaning towards Primal
Liver Primal 2/Jan/13
Marmite Primal 27/Nov/12 Primal limbo. It doesn’t seem all that offensive, but I’m not sure what you’re gonna eat it on if not bread and the synthetic vitamins are potentially troublesome. I guess you just had to be there (in Britain/Australia/New Zealand as a kid, that is) to get it.
Milk Chocolate Maybe 3/May/12 Potentially primal
Natto Primal 2/Jan/13
Nutritional Yeast Primal 22/Jan/13 Just don’t rely on it as a source of vitamins.
Popcorn NotPrimal 12/Feb/13 Not Primal, but it’s not the worst cheat snack you can have.
Purple/Blue Foods Primal 2/Jan/13 Sweet potatoes, berries, vegetables
Quorn Not Primal 22/May/12 Not because it comes from a fungus.
Red Palm Oil Primal 2/Jan/13
Refined Avocado Oil Primal 4/Sep/12 So long as you’re using expeller-pressed refined avocado oil.
Rice Noodles Not Primal 27/Nov/12 but if you’re eating rice, rice noodles are the same thing (and they often come with delicious bone broth).
Royal Jelly Primal 9/May/12 But it’s not snake oil and it isn’t innocuous.  Make certain that you’re ready for this jelly (I had to do it).
Rye Not Primal 13/Feb/13
Sacha Inchi Seeds Primal 3/May/12 Primal to a point.
Seaweed Primal 2/Jan/13
Shellfish Primal 2/Jan/13 Such as mussels & oysters
Skyr Primal 24/Jul/12 If you tolerate dairy
Smoked Salmon Primal 22/Jan/13
Sourdough Bread, “Gluten-Free” Real  Not Primal 27/Nov/12 But it’s definitely the best bread you can do and I’d wager that it’s less harmful than regular bread.
Soy Lecithin Not Primal 22/May/12 But small amounts in occasional chocolate shouldn’t be too bad for most people.
Sprouts Primal 22/May/12 Depending on the starter seed.
Strawberries Primal 4/Sep/12
Sunflower Oil Primal 24/Jul/12 Just be sure to go for cold-pressed (which preserves vitamin E and reduces oxidation), high-oleic/high-stearic sunflower oil.
SweetLeaf Flavoured Stevia Primal 13/Feb/13
Tapioca Primal 22/May/12
Tiny Whole Fish Primal 2/Jan/13
Tumeric Primal 2/Jan/13
Vinegar Primal 9/May/12 Acetic bacteria have been around longer that we have.
Wasabi Primal 13/Feb/13
Wheat Germ Not Primal 24/Jul/12  
Wheatgrass Primal 9/May/12 Could be Primal, but why?  It’s probably great as ruminant feed.



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