Ontario’s Grass-Fed Beef

Interested in some grass-fed beef, a side of beef or even the whole cow?… Here is a list of farmers who produce grass-fed beef in Ontario. This list is an excellent source for your purchasing needs:

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In London, Ontario area, their grassfed beeves live a full, natural life. They are born on this acreage, stay with their mothers, and are weaned onto grass, hay and haylage until they are ready for harvest. The animals are fed exclusively grasses and legumes, which they forage for themselves in the summer, and are supplemented with Kelp Meal, natural trace mineral salt and certified organic minerals.

They follow organic practices carefully, but are not ‘Certified Organic.’ To their knowledge, this land has never had chemicals applied. They came here in 1989, and removed most of the hawthorn trees in order to better grow grass. Their rotational grazing system minimizes the use of energy burning machinery, making this one of the ‘greenest’ ways to produce high protein, healthy grass-fed beef.

Their beef is available by the side, (approximately 300 pounds) at warm dressed weight (before processing) OR purchase a representative sample, i.e. some of each: roasts, steaks, ground beef, soup bones, stewing beef, sausage:

Cutting Style
Roasts: Country Style:
Weight of Roasts: 3-5 pounds Thickness of steaks: 1″+
Plastic Wrap: No Paper Wrap:
Pick-up Date: to be arranged

Baer’s Natural Beef, David and Marjorie Baer

4494 Scotchmere Drive, R 2, Glencoe, ON, NOL 1M0

(519) 287-2488

Pricing – Contact Farmer

As of 12 Jan 2015 – ‘We now have about 20 animals ready within the next 6 months. We are now harvesting the first of our Belted Galloway cross calves, a smaller breed, (They will dress under 500 lbs) which finish better on grass. Our customers rave about the quality!

A family run operation since 1849. They are dedicated to providing customers with high quality Grass Fed Beef. Their cattle are exclusively pasture fed and in the winter eat hay and haylage. Their animals receive no antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO’s. Their pastures receive no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The animals are processed locally at a provincially inspected abattoir and are dry aged for 21 days for superior flavour and tenderness. We sell meat in quarters, halves, whole and smaller family packs.

We are located 30 minutes north of Toronto and would welcome your visit, but please call ahead.

Beaver Vale Farms, Craig and Wenda Lea Wilcox, 4736 8th Line RR#1, Beeton Ontario L0G 1A0. (905) 775-7639.

Contact Farmer

High-Quality 100% Grass-Fed Beef
Our purpose is to produce consistent high-quality 100% grass-fed beef raised in an environmentally sustainable and friendly manner.  In conjunction with MIDA Shorthorns, Banbury Grasslands offers beef that is healthy, tasty, and natural.

Sustainable Agriculture
We want you to know how your beef is raised and to make choices that will better your family’s health.  The health of the animals, the land, and you are our primary concerns.

Great Tasting Beef without Antibiotics, Hormones, or Other Drugs
Our grass-fed beef is conceived, born, and raised on our family farms.  The Banbury family has farmed for the last six generations in Ontario.  Our primary farm, MIDA Shorthorns, is located in Brighton while the expansion, Banbury Grasslands, is located just outside Kitchener-Waterloo.  We look forward to getting to know you and having you learn about our practices of raising great-tasting beef with no antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs.

Banbury Grasslands, 2325 Notre Dame Dr., St Agatha Ontario N0B 2L0. (519) 513-3962.

Contact Farmer

is a family run farm business committed to providing certified organic and naturally raised meats to people who are concerned not only about what they eat but also about the health and well being of the earth.

[pullquote]Primal Beef Stew in Merlot Sauce

Primal Beef Stew in Cabernet Sauce[/pullquote]

This farm uses no chemicals, genetically modified organisms, or artificial fertilizers in their cropping. Their animals are free from antibiotics, growth promoters, they are never used in the raising of their livestock.

They are proud to offer a unique product of “Grass Only Beef,” the beef are raised entirely on grass. The cattle grown for the “Grass Only Beef” have the distinction of never having eaten anything other than forages (pasture grasses and hay). This exceptional product comes from cattle raised their whole lives on grass and hay, never having even tasted grain.

Beretta offers retail and wholesale delivery in the province of Ontario. Our website offers our clients an easy way to find information on our farm and products. Clients can also order online for their weekly deliveries.

Beretta Organic Farms Inc., Cynthia Beretta, 4400 15th Sd Road, King City, Ontario L7B 1K4. (416) 674-5609.

Contact Farmer

A 167-acre ecological farm located in Caistor Centre, Ontario.

Their philosophy is to emulate nature itself. From the moment their calves are born, they are able to freely roam the pastures with the herd on stress-free fields of grass, which they will spend the rest of their lives on. these cattle are never vaccinated, and never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, no grain or corn supplements—just a lot of tender care. They deliver their own cattle to the abattoir in their livestock trailer. From start to finish they look after their cattle.

Have you ever questioned where your beef comes from? When you purchase beef products from CW Acres, you are supporting nature’s way of beef production. It’s the healthiest, leanest and most nutritious choice for beef.

CW Acres, Cathy and Willy Hoesen, 9045 Silver Street, RR#2, Caistor Centre, Ontario L0R 1E0. (905) 957-4566.

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A family farm since 1837, five generations taking a diversified approach to farming. Inspired by a book called “Grassland” by Richard Manning, they believe that the bison and elk can provide an abundance of food naturally raised for taste and tenderness.

A holistic approach to farming allows us to utilize the grassland to its highest potential and bring forth a harvest of quality meat products that everyone can enjoy. Not only do the bison produce fine food, but leather products as well such as gloves and moccasins.

Tours of the farm are available from May 24th until October 31st. Enjoy a trip through the herds as calves frolic and play. Bring buffalo back home to your table tonight. Encourage the rebuilding of the original cattle by enjoying them.

Century Game Park, Rod Potter, RR 1, Warkworth Ontario K0K 3K0. (705) 924-3019.

Contact Farmer

Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef ~ Free-Range Pork & Poultry (Chicken, Duck, Goose & Turkey) ~ Game Birds ~ are raised using organic, ecological and sustainable farming principals. Their Season begins in June, and continues until December.

At Dragonfly Garden Farm their animals live outside on pasture, eating various native grasses and plants. Proactive animal management practices, fresh air, green grass, and regular house-keeping, allows us to raise a nice variety of animals on a small scale.

All their animals are given free choice to decide when they go outside, eat, drink or sleep. They provide clean and comfortable housing and ensure the farm practices are respectful of each animal, the land they farm and the environment.

They offer two kinds of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The Fall Family CSA is a 200-pound meat sampler which feeds a family of four for 100 meals. The Farm Share CSA is a meat sampler delivered monthly from June to December. They also offer many sizes of Beef & Pork Samplers, custom processing, and Local Meat Samplers which contain a small sample of beef, pork and chicken for first time grass-fed meat eaters.

Farm Tours are always welcome.

Dragonfly Farm Store, Cindy & Mike Wilhelm, 216303 Concession 4, RR#2, Chatsworth, Ontario N0H 1G0. (519) 794-0471.

Contact Farmer

Produces healthy, tasty, 100% grass fed beef.

This beef is raised on the rich grasses grown on 1st class farmland. They are handled in a low stress manner, and only harvest in the Fall when the meat is at its prime. These 3 factors ensure that their meat is tender, tasty, as well as healthy.

They take custom freezer orders for quarters, halves, wholes, or smaller box orders of 10–30 lbs. Farm tours are available by appointment.

Please visit their website for more information on their philosophies, farming practices, and products.

Echo Valley Ranch, Brad and Donna Martin, 7074 Side Road 15, RR#2 Moorefield, Ontario N0G 2K0. (519) 638-5951.

Contact Farmer

Started out raising a few animals for their own consumption, “so we knew what we were eating.” We have now grown a bit, but you have to order early. Their Highland beef is low in cholesterol and very tender, and it has no hormones, antibiotics, or additives.

The beef is available in the fall, and occasionally in the summer. Lamb is available in the fall.

All the meat can be picked up at the farm.

Elm Tree Farm, Andreas Haelssig, Burnstown Ontario K0J 1G0. (613) 432-5893.

Contact Farmer

Raises grassfed beef in a natural environment. Their cattle are on pasture all summer and feed on hay all winter—no grains or corn. They are not certified organic but use no hormones or other chemicals. They believe in giving the animals a stress free and comfortable life and in return they convert grass and other plants into food for us all its a perfect system.

Fairchild Farm, Richard and Fiona Porter, 2091 Concession #8 West, RR#1, Cambridge ON N1R 552.

Visit their website for ordering information and pictures. They sell all year, but more through the winter. They also sell halves and quarters and special orders.

They produce, grow and sell grass fed beef and pasture pork in Durham, Ontario to help people eat healthy food.

Farmer Jim’s Grass Fed Beef, Durham, ON. (519) 369-5400 or toll-free 1(877) 456-9341

Visit their website for ordering information and pictures.

Is where the Probst Family maintains a purebred herd of Scottish Highland cattle. They are grass-fed and naturally raised without hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. This breed is very well adapted and has been kept true to form since recorded history, never loosing their ability to thrive on grass alone. Furthermore, studies show that Highland beef is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein and iron than other beef. The result is richly flavoured and well-marbled beef.

Their beef is dry aged for 21 days and is cut and wrapped to your specifications by the half, and is picked up locally in the Cambridge area. Their animals are generally 18 months old or younger and the sides weigh from 175 to 275 lbs.

The animals are available in the fall after the pasture season. They take orders all year long due to a limited supply. Sometimes they have a half available from freezer as well as hamburger by the pound all year long. Occasionally they have whole frozen Muscovy ducks, raised free range where they get a significant part of their diet from insects and grass.

4Ponds Farm, Fred and Anne Probst, RR#1, Drumbo Ontario N0J 1G0. (519) 463-5335.

Contact Farmer

Grass Finished Galloway Beef, humanely produced without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and GMOs. At Hav A Heart Beef they are committed to producing beef that is consistently tender, flavourful and, most importantly, healthy.

They started with the oldest beef breed known, Galloway. Galloways are naturally hardy with an innate ability to finish on grass as opposed to grain. Grass Finished Galloway Beef is inherently tender and juicy, with the beef carrying an extremely low fat content of 3% and a healthy Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 3:1. Grass Finished Galloway beef is higher in cancer fighting Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA); up to 11% higher in Protein, higher in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene; has half the Saturated Fat; is lower in Cholesterol and has up to 55.8% less Calories than grain fed beef.We follow organic practices, however are not certified.

Their cattle are drug, hormone and pesticide free and are traceable from conception through to our end buyers. The feed is GMO- and pesticide-free.

Hav A Heart Beef, Grass Finished Galloway Beef, is available in halves, mixed quarters, 40 lb. and 20 lb. mixed beef boxes year round. We also carry a line of gourmet all beef summer sausage and gourmet all beef pepperettes.

On farm pick-ups are welcome, but delivery is also available.

Website: (coming soon) E-mail:

Hav a Heart Beef, Karen Bertin or Rob Unsworth, RR #2, Harriston ON N0G1Z0. (519) 338-3333.

Contact Farmer

Has deep roots here in Baden. Six generations to be exact.

As you drive in the lane, it’s not uncommon to see the cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, and sheep roaming the fields, at any time of year. This is perhaps the type of farm your Great Grandfather had, diverse in nature, like Nature itself. Using Nature as a model, along with a rich heritage of “living on the land” knowledge, they are pleased to offer the very best to you.

HERITAGE BREED PASTURED PORK is a real treat. Tamworths and Berkshires are both raised outdoors on pasture and fallow year round. From birth to market, they are allowed to express their true piggish nature, rooting, digging, grazing on grass and weeds, playing or basking under the sun in a low stress environment. Their diet includes roots, grass (hay in the winter), legumes, and a mixed grain feed made of oats, peas, barley, spelt and buckwheat—all of which is grown right on the farm, organically! CORN and SOY FREE and absolutely no need for any drugs or hormones. Order by the whole, half, 20lb box, or see what we have for individual cuts.

Also available is Grass Fed Beef (no grain or silage), grass finished lamb, pastured chicken and muscovy duck, and free rangeeggs. Poultry is also corn and soy free.

The fertile land here at Heritage Lane Farm, has been farmed organically for over three decades, but no longer certified. All products are available fresh for pick-up from the local butcher, or frozen at the farm. Please call or email for appointment.

Meats are also available through a local CSA—Transpire Organic—accepting new members. Check out


Heritage Lane Farm, Dwayne Wagler, 1138 Snyders Road West, Baden ON N3A 3K8. (226) 444-6455.

Contact Farmer

We raise our animals the old fashioned way – free range, and free of antibiotics and growth hormones. We can trace every animal on our farm from start to finish to ensure healthy, fresh, safe, natural beef. This is a little more work for us, but the taste and tenderness are worth it, and you have the assurance of a safe product.

Heritage Cattle Co., Aaron MacDonald, 1472 Heritage Line, Keene ON K0L 5G0. (705) 768-4825.

Contact Farmer

Grass Roots Beef is raised on the 100 rolling acres of the family-owned Hillview Farm in southwestern Ontario. Dennis Starkey, owner and operator, is a newbie to the ranching business, having purchased the farm in 1996 after a career in education. Stockman Grassfarmer publisher and “grass guru” Allan Nation claims that the unfair advantage of such newbies is that they don’t have to unlearn all the commonly held wisdom of the last several generations of livestock farmers.

The purebred, registered Canadian Grass Roots Galloway cattle are fed only grass and then the beef is dry-aged for 21 days to maximize the nutritional, flavour, and tenderness benefits. No grain, corn, antibiotics or animal by-products are fed; no hormones are used. Farm-grown hay is fed at the new open-sided barn during the winter. Local lifelong farmers have commented about Hillview Farm, “You must be doing something right, it’s green like a farm again.”

Nothing other than low stress management of cattle. These cattle come running when called, hoping for new grass and a scratch. They drink water from the same well that we do, which is pumped out to each of the paddocks.

They produced their first beef in the fall of 2002 and it was gone in 2 weeks. They will take orders year round, but we only have beef available cut, wrapped and frozen in quarters in the fall. Customers will be invited to pick up their order at the annual Harvest Celebrations at the farm.

Hillview Farm, Dennis Starkey, 263836 Southgate Road 26, RR 4, Durham Ontario N0G 1R0. (519) 369-6966. Fax: (519) 369-5700.

Contact Farmer

Offers both free-range chickens and organic beef. “Our customers find our products tender and tasty, as well as having the nutritional benefits of grazing animals.” The farm is organically certified.

The beef comes in 20 and 40# variety packs or by the quarter or half. The chickens are packaged whole. The beef is available year round and the chicken while quantities last. The beef is available at the farm or in the town of London at Bellemere’s Farm Market, Chris’s Country Cuts (located in the Covenant Garden Market) or Sullivan’s Meat Market. The chicken is available on the farm, only.

They deliver when possible or ship through refrigerated trucking. Customers are welcome to come and see the farm and pick up orders.

Hungry Hollow Organics, RR 2, Parkhill, Ontario N0M 2K0. (519) 232-9458.

Contact Farmer

They raise our their calves from a small herd of Saler Herford and Angus cross cows.

Their cattle spend the summer and fall on our pastures where they move them daily so that they graze in a manner similar to a herd of Buffalo. They graze an area intensely fertilizing it with their dung and then moving on to a fresh piece and coming back after the plants have had a chance to fully recover from the first grazing. They have access to fresh water, salt, mineral and kelp while on pasture. The farmers have also been experimenting with “mob grazing” to achieve more “herd effect” on their pastures and increase the recovery time for the plants. This means giving the cattle a very small area for a few hours before moving them into the next piece.

Any steers that they overwinter are fed baled dry hay that the farmers harvest from our fields and store in their barn for the winter. Steers kept through the winter become the spring beef available for the summer Bar-B-Q season. They also offer Lean Ground Beef either as 1 lb packages in 10 lb lots or as ¼ lb hamburger patties in 12 lb boxes.

Meeting Place Organic Farm, Fran & Tony McQuail, 86016 Creek Line, RR#1, Lucknow, Ontario N0G 2H0. (519) 528-2493.

Our meat is priced on a car­cass weight basis– what the meat weighs before it is cut up– $5.80/lb. Actual weight received depends some on how you want it cut up ( eg how many bones are removed and trim etc.) A half weighs around 250 lbs car­cass weight. Actual weight of meat received is approx 75% car­cass weight. The price includes cus­tom cut­ting ( ie how much ham­burger, how much stew,et); wrap­ping and freez­ing. Our next slaugh­ter date is mid Sep­tem­ber, one after that is end of Novem­ber. Feel free to ask more ques­tions.

Nutrafarms has partnerships with local family farms all across Ontario.

These partnerships allow them to provide Ontario residents with the comfort of knowing exactly where their food comes from. These family farms allow them to deliver premium organic meats directly to customer homes at a fraction of the cost the customer would pay at the local grocery store for comparable products.

Nutrafarms Inc., 261 King St. Barrie, Ontario, L4N 6B5. 1-844-224-7007.

Contact the farmer.

Located in the heart of the Niagara Region, within the wine and fruit belt. They raise a herd of purebred Irish KerryBeef Cattle and half-breeds well adapted to flourish on a natural pasture of various grasses and legumes.

These animals do not receive hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. They are free from stress such as overcrowding, permanent indoor housing, or long shipping distances which decrease health, and in turn the quality of their meat. They are allowed free range of various pastures, hay, and shelter. Even in winter months, their animals have free choice to roam inside or outside the barns.

Come October/November after the pastures are finished, their beef animals are generally 15 – 21 months old. Hanging sides weigh-in at approximately 225lbs. Sides or quarters are frozen and can be picked up at a local butcher shop. Deliveries can be arranged. A limited number of animals are processed each season. Please contact them for more information or to be put on their waiting list.

Rosedene Acres, 1929 Rosedene Road, St. Anns, Ontario L0R 1Y0. (905) 957-4924.

Contact Farmer

John first started raising grass fed cattle on his Guelph Ontario farm in 1968. “I started with 6; it was just for me and my family, nobody else.” Since those early days, Rowe’s numbers have steadily increased as he is now producing 30 to 33 cows a season and maintaining a herd of 100. The secret is getting out, “the benefits to the environment, the animal and the consumer have made grass fed beef the fastest growing segment of our business” says Jamie Cooney, CEO Rowe Farms.

Rowe Farms, 105 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6R 2K9. (416) 532-3738.

Contact Farmer

The animals are raised on a natural diet of grasses and legumes which are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. They are rotated through a series of pastures every 2 to 4 days, giving them constant access to a fresh “salad bar.” Their pasture is only supplemented with sea kelp, trace mineral salt mined from an ancient sea bed, and food-grade minerals; they receive no growth promotants, hormones, or antibiotics.

they strive to maintain a stress-free environment for cattle and handlers, which helps to ensure meat tenderness. Their aim is to produce, in an environmentally and ecologically sound manner, a tasty and tender beef which will actually enhance the health of humans and our planet.

[pullquote]Paleo Meatloaf

Ultimate Paleo Meatloaf[/pullquote]

Certified Organic* Grass-fed Beef – Our Dexter cattle are a smaller breed known for their ability to convert pasture into healthy meat. Because they are smaller framed, they yield smaller cuts more appropriate for today’s palates. Beef is available as sides, split sides, “$100″ boxes,” and individual cuts. Because sides are most economical to prepare and handle, ordering a side saves you the most money. Sides are cut according to your specifications. All meat is cut, wrapped, and fast-frozen in a provincially inspected facility. Sides range from 150 to 250 lbs. A split side is half the amount of a side, combining cuts from front and back.”$100 boxes” contain a combination of 2 or 3 roasts, 2 or 3 packages of steak, and ground beef. The actual price of each box will vary, depending on its specific contents. Buying a box gives you a discount of 10% off the price of individual cuts.

Certified Organic (by Pro-Cert) Poultry – These chickens and turkeys are raised outdoors on green grass and organic grain mix. They receive no growth promotants, hormones, or antibiotics. They are only available for sale at the farm. Send them an email to receive a flyer for price information, or give Chris Litster a call.

Still Hope Farm, Chris Litster, 1271 Rumney Road, Midland, ON L4R 4K3. (705) 534-7626.

Contact Farmer

Certified organic producer of organic meats, grains and vegetables in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. They offer pasture-raised beef, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, wild turkey, guinea hen (pintade), chicken eggs andduck eggs.

They are home to the only herd of Ancient White Park cattle in Canada. This globally endangered breed traces its history to pre-Roman times in the British Isles. It produces an excellent carcass on pasture with its fine textured meat. Their primary focus is increasing the numbers of this breed but they have beef available sporadically depending on the number of male calves born each year.

All of their meat is processed in a government inspected facility and our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days to ensure optimum tenderness.

Their pastures and production methods are certified organic by Organic Crop Producers and Processors (OCPP) meaning that they do not use any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on our pastures and our animals receive no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.

The Stoddart Family Farm, Harry Stoddart, 1315 Zion Road, RR No. 2, Little Britain ON. K0M 2C0. (705) 786-7705.

Visit them at the Wychwood Barns or Brickworks farmers’ markets in Toronto on Saturdays or inquire about their product through their website.

All livestock, hay, grains and vegetables grown at Twin Creeks are primarily heritage breeds and varieties with absolutely NO pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, or GMO technology. They offer grass fed beef (no grain), grass fed lamb (no grain), grass-fed pork (supplemented with our naturally grown grain and milk from our grass fed cows), eggs from our grass-fed chickens, and grass-fed chicken and turkey (supplemented with our naturally grown grain).

Their beef, lamb, and pork are available by the cut, primarily vacuum packed, and in small quantities. Their grass-fed chicken, turkey and eggs are currently available in limited quantities directly from the farm only, due to provincial marketing board regulations.

This farm of Gerald and Shari-Lynn te Velde and boys, Ian, Joshua, Lukas, Aaron, and Seth. They use organic and sustainable growing methods and their farm and produce is “Certified Naturally Grown” (

Twin Creeks Farm and Garden, Gerald and Shari-Lynn te Velde, 205045 Highway #26, RR 8, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5W4. (519) 538-4704.

All produce are available at the farm from Monday–Saturday.

Please call for the availability of all products and to make sure they are available. they also sell produce at 3 farmer’s markets:Meaford, Collingwood, and Trinity Bellwoods (Toronto). Visit their website for more information.

In short we exist in business because we believe in a world that health and abundance of laughter and love is available to everyone. We believe that with great food we will live vibrant healthy lives that will allow us to laugh with our loved ones, play well into our old ages and generally love life. We work to provide the food that will bring people together, excite and inspire people to share with their loved ones. We hope that you feel great when you eat our products, because we work VERY hard and are very passionate about how we raise our products, with tender care and attention to detail.

Vibrant Farms, 2669 Carmel-Koch Road Baden, Ontario, N3A 3R9. (519) 957-9681.

Introductory package
*no customization options*
Freezer space: 1 cubic ft
cost per pound: $5.75/lb
Total Approximate Cost: $175.00-$275.00

Quarter (Value package)
*Some customization options*
Freezer Space: 4 Cubic Ft
Cost per pound: $5.50/lb
Total Approximate Cost: $750.00-$1000.00

Whole Side (Family Size)
*Full Customization of Cuts*
Freezer Space: 8 Cubic Ft
Cost per pound: $5.40/lb
Total Approximate Cost: $1,500-$1,900

They have a goal of producing the highest quality food for our customers without chemicals, hormones, medications, or genetic engineering. These products include salad bar (pasture-finished) beef, grassfed lamb, pastured pork, eggs from free ranging hens, and pastured chickens.

They strive to be good stewards of the land and encourage biodiversity.


Webers’ Pasture Farm, Marvin and Amanda Weber, RR #2, Dobbinton Ontario N0H 1L0. (519) 934-9906

Contact Farmer

Owned and operated by Martin and Johanna Driesse. Their organic farm is home to Galloway cattle which are on pasture during grazing season, and baled hay when not able to graze in winter.

Galloway beef is noted for it’s good flavour throughout. The Galloway breed has never been used in the industrial feedlot system, so the genetics are still the way they were created, to finish on pasture.

Currently the meat is sold by mixed 1/4, half or whole animal. Ground beef is available per pound year around as supply lasts.

West Court Farm, Martin and Johanna Driesse, 325569 Norwich Road, Norwich ON. N0J 1P0. (519) 863-5050.

Contact Farmer

A family-based entity where raising and producing healthy, nutritious, and sustainable, Black Angus grass-fed beef is at the heart and soul of what they do. They believe that raising cattle on grass and keeping them on a grass-based diet all there lives is much more healthy for the animal and then in turn more healthy for the consumer.

The beef is raised on top quality grass, handled with low stress practices, and we harvest in the late summer/fall to ensure a top quality product of beef that will melt in your mouth.

They take orders for wholes, halves, quarters, 30-pound and 10-pound boxes. An order for a quarter or larger you are able to specify your own cutting instructions. They also have all beef summer sausage, and summer sizzling burgers.

Visit their website and learn more about them, their business, philosophies, practices, and how they do things at Wilderness Ranch.

Wilderness Ranch, Mark and Rachel Erb, 6515 Road 154, Monkton ON N0K 1P0. (519) 595-7373.

Contact Farmer

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